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Skin Care Tips For Wedding-Ready Skin!

Updated: Sep 23, 2018

Congrats on your big day!! I want to provide my brides with all the information I have to equip them to feel and look their best on their wedding day. Yes, I do makeup but skincare is such a big deal. If you learn how to create a good foundation, everything goes on so much nicer. So here are a few steps, tips, and some of my favorite skin care products!!

So more than anything make sure you are drinking enough WATER!! This is a hugggeeeee tip that I highly recommend.

Next is a regimen. Everyone is different so do what works for you, consistency is key regardless if its 3 steps or 10 steps, just keep with it.


~Remove makeup with wipes, remover, Norwex body cloth, etc.

~Wash your face with a gentle face wash

~Follow up with a toner to close your pores back down

~MOISTURIZE!! Even if you have oily skin, this might even be a reason you have oily skin. Our body produces oils if we keep stripping them away so our bodies over compensate so at night regardless of skin type moisturize

~The rest of the steps can be up to you. Find a problem are and target it and don't worry about everything else. It’s so much easier to start somewhere and build from there



~Sheet Mask

~Pore Strips

*So once a week I do my skin care steps and then I exfoliate by shaving my face or by using a scrub, then I do a sheet mask to soften and hydrate my skin then I follow up with a pore strip. This really helps replenish my skin and target my problem areas.



I know it sounds odd but trust me you will thank me later. This takes off any and all peach fuzz. The reason this is helpful is its also a form of exfoliation so not only with your skin thank you but all the skin care you pay money for will actually be able to penetrate your skin and go to work. Also, on the makeup side of things your foundation won't cling to your peach fuzz and cast a slight shadow. lol I recommend Tinkle razors you can find them on Amazon. They are super affordable and are on Prime so you cant go wrong!


~Sheet Masks: My favorite Sheet mask are the Sephora Brand Sheet mask, why you might ask well… They are affordable, they have sheet masks for all skin types and they WORK. Need I say more?! My Favorites for my dry to combo skin are the brightening, hydrating and the rose mask.

~Pore Strips-Biore ALL THE WAY

~Face Wipes- Burts Bees Sensitive skin, Skinfood Rice Wipes, Norwex body cloth(removes your makeup so fast and also kills bacteria, great for acne prone skin)

~Skin Tightening and lifting- Nurse Jamie Instant uplift tool

Another Piece of advice I tell my brides is don't get a facial right before your wedding especially If you don't get them on a regular basis. A few months out, sure but not weeks out. Your skin might do the opposite and if its right before the wedding it wont level out in time. So I am all for you getting facials I absolutely love them but if you don't get them often, just like a spray tan don't get one right before the wedding if you haven't already tried them out. Find someone who knows their stuff and can customize your facial or spray tan just for you. So come wedding time there wont be any complications!

Hope this helps!!


Kayla Anne


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