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Must Have Skincare for Spring & Summer!

Hey Friends!

So, I get lots of questions that aren't just makeup related. Skincare is a huge question I get asked about all the time. I also love skincare and believe it is super important. In my opinion, in order for your makeup to look its best you have to take care of your skin and make it look its best!

I am going to go over my routine and my favorites for this time of the year. My routine tends to change with the weather because my skin does so I will show you what is working for me.

First things first, I am a huge advocate for shaving your face...that's right ladies you

heard me right. This is a great way to exfoliate and remove unwanted peach fuzz which allows your skincare to actually penetrate your skin. It's a miracle worker! I have a YouTube video on this and I will link it below so you can see what products I use and how to shave your own face at home!

Makeup Wipes: Rice Daily Brightening Cleansing Tissue

I find them at #Ulta and you get 80 wipes for $12

Face Wash: There are so many face washes to choose from but a few good drug store ones are Cetaphil ($8.99) can be found pretty much anywhere. Soap and Glory Clarity Face Wash ($9.90). I get mine at Target.

Toner: Thayers Natural Remedies Witch Hazel

I found mine at #Target but I have seen this sold at #Ulta as well. I purchased the travel size version which retails for $3.99 and the full size is $10.95.

Moisturizer: A few of my favorites are: Bobby Brown Vitamin Enriched Face Base found at #Sephora and department stores retailing for $60, IT Cosmetics Confidence in a cream hydrating moisturizer $48 found at #Ulta, KIEHL'S ultra facial cream found at #Ulta, retailing for $18-$50.

Lip Balm: Laneige Lip Sleeping Mask- this is the most amazing lip balm. It cures chapped lips overnight and keeps them smooth and soft. You can find this online and at #Sephora for $20.

Sunscreen: Ulta MD either tinted or non-tinted sunscreen. You can find this on #Amazon and, A big bottle retails for $35.

Overnight Mask: Laneige Water Sleeping Mask. This mask does wonders while you sleep and it can be found online or at #Sephora for $25. Use as directed.

Sheet Masks: #Sephora Collection Sheet Masks (retail for $6 a piece) are wonderful! My favorites are Rose, Honey, and the Pearl brightening face mask. I do a sheet mask once or twice a week!

Exfoliators: Besides Shaving your face (check out my most recent YouTube video!)

I love Mario Badescu Face Scrub. I find this at #Ulta and it retails for $15. A high-end one that I absolutely love is Peter Thomas Roth Firm Peeling Gel. I get mine at #Sephora and this retails for $48 and is worth every penny! I exfoliate anywhere from once or twice a week.

Nurse Jamie Roller: I purchased mine online! I highly recommend this tool! It reduces fine lines, inflammation, under eye bags, and brings stimulation to the surface of the skin and I love doing this after my skincare to really melt it into my skin. Available online at #Sephora, #Amazon, #Nordstrom, #HSN, & #Neiman Marcus. This product retails for $69!

Face Razors:

I just uploaded a YouTube video on this and it is linked below. I purchase Tinkle razors on and a pack of 6 retails for $4.60!

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