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My Spray Tan Experience!

Two Days after my spray tan at 40 weeks pregnant!

As a red head the sun has always been my enemy. I burn, or rather fry and no tan appears only a few freckles and red skin as a result. Since I don’t tan I’ve always just avoided the sun but living in South Florida my whole life makes this a daily challenge. I don’t know about you but I want to avoid aging, sun damage and skin cancer. So when I’m looking for a golden glow I go for self tanner. Self tanning isn’t easy either finding the perfect shade, brand, making sure you prep properly and apply it perfectly can be quit a challenge. For the longest time I have just gone without and embraced my white skin. Don’t get me wrong I think fair skin is beautiful and I am very confident in the way God made me. But for summer I feel much more confident toting my kids around to the beach or pool sporting a nice tan! I met Jessica from Boutique Bikini when I was nine months pregnant with second baby (featured in the picture above-that was two days after my spray tan!) At nine months pregnant there was no way I was going to self tan myself, I couldn’t even see my toes! Plus, my due date was Christmas Eve so I was as white as snow and to be completely honest I was so nervous and self conscious about the whole spray tanning thing. But let me tell you once I met Jessica I immediately felt comfortable and confident. She sprayed tanned me in the privacy of my own home and made me feel 100% comfortable. She has a few tanning packages to choose from and if you are uncertain which one to do she will guide you in the package that is perfect for you. I love that her solution is safe for pregnant and breastfeeding moms so I didn’t have to worry one bit. She is educated on all her products and procedures and I was given all the information I needed; I knew how to confidently prep for my tan, what to wear for my tan and how to maintain and improve the longevity of my tan for best results! She didn’t rush through my tan either, she made sure that she covered every spot and paid super close attention to the more tricky spots such as my hands, feet, elbows and knees. I couldn’t have asked for a better experience! I recommend her to all my friends, family and clients. Go check out her Instagram and If you are looking for a summer glow contact Jessica immediately! You will be so thankful you did! 


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