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How to Apply False Lashes

Hello Beauties!

Welcome to my first blog post!! I am so excited to start blogging! Hang in there with me as I start this new venture. I am not the best with writing, thats why I usually stick to videos. But in order to grow we need to do the things that aren't necessarily our strong suits.

So for my first blog post I wanted to write about something that I made a video on already, (attached below) One of the most frequently asked questions I get in regards to makeup are

how to apply false lashes. The tools you need for applying False lashes are: lashes, lash glue, and a lash applicator. Some of favorite lashes are; Ardell (which can be found at Ulta and any drug store) they are super affordable and reliable. I always recommend these to beginners and experts. Some other great brands are Tatti Lashes, Lashaholic Lashes, and Lilly Lashes. There are so many lash brands out there but these are the ones I go back to over and over again. Whenever I get a new pair of lashes I always size them to my eye shape. I take them out of the package and if I need to trim anything off I always trim from the outside so I don't take away any of the graduation in the front. Once they are fitted to my eye I then apply my lash glue. My go to lash glue is the DUO glue. I like the DUO eyelash adhesive in the dark tone and I also love the DUO adhesive brushon in clear. Now this is the best tip I can give someone when applying false lashes, let the glue dry almost completely before applying them to your eye! I usually wait about 40 seconds before applying. The reason why is because that allows the glue to get tacky, so when you go to apply them they won't slide around everywhere. You are able to manipulate them and place them exactly where you want them and there will be no struggle! My application tool of choice is tweezers, it always has been. But I would be wrong to recommend that to you guys, lol on my clients I use a eyelash applicator which can be found online or in sephora and Ulta. The ends on eye lash applicators are rounded and the applicator part is curved so it is more ergonomic for application. I own the gold Tarte Eyelash Applicators, highly recommend. So once the lashes are on you want to "marry" the false lashes to your natural lash and the way I do that is by adding some mascara just to the base of my lashes to coat the two together. There are tools that help stick the lashes together it looks like an eyelash curler but has a different shape at the end. I have one I use for clients and its from the Sephora brand, so if you need some help with pairing your lashes together I highly recommend it. I also take a waterproof gel pencil liner and I tight-line. Tight-line is above your water line. The reason why this step is so important is because it takes away any negative space between your lashes and your false lashes. This step in my opinion makes the biggest difference, I usually wear false lashes without any eye makeup or liner and that can be less forgiving, so I never miss this step especially when I am just wearing mascara and false lashes on their own. Remember, practice makes perfect and each time you apply them it gets easier and plus you figure out a routine that works best for you! I hope this helps and you try it out for yourself!


Kayla Anne


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