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Brows: "They are sisters not twins!"

Updated: May 16, 2018

Hello Beauties!

So in this blog post we are obviously going to be discussing all things brows! I always say to my clients your brows are sisters and not twins. The reason I say this is because they aren't meant to look identical, now with that being said they shouldn't look like distant cousins either! lol If you want to just skip the reading and go to a video tutorial I have that video listed just fast forward to the 10 minute mark, that is where I start talking about brows. Lets get into the products I use first. My ride or die products for brows are anything by Anastasia Beverly Hills (ABH). Her shade range and product quality are like no other. She is on the higher end but in my opinion worth every penny! The products I use on a daily basis are the brow definer, brow wiz and the clear brow gel. She has a product for every type of brow out there! If you have fuller brows and are looking for something to keep them in place or to tint the brow hairs slightly I highly recommend her tinted and clear brow gels. If you have good shape already and are just looking to fill in some sparse areas her brow powders are amazing too! But for me since I have been blessed as a red head and my brows and eyelashes come in clear for some reason, I need all the help I can get. I use the shade caramel and I start to map out my brow using the brow definer. You want to start your brow lining up with your tear duct/inner corner, then arch about 3 quarters of the way, slightly off to the right from the center of your eye then the tail needs to end/meet from the outer corner of your eye. (Watch the video! Its a lot easier to show than to write. lol) I then use the brow wiz (thinner pencil, not shown in video) to make hair-like strokes. I love this technique because I feel like it brings more dimension to the brows. Then I use the clear brow gel to set everything in place. This makes my brow hairs stay in place and water resistant! (Now my husband Danny can't threaten to wipe one of my eye brows off!) The gel also helps define the natural hairs and before you know it....eyebrows!! Brows are the best and worst part of my makeup routine. I love the way they look once I'm done but man can they be tricky! I like to compare it to applying winged liner (my winged liner girls get what I'm trying to say!) Brows are so important and give such shape to the face! Having the right products and a few easy tips and tricks will take the guess work out of it and make for easy application!

Hope this helps!


Kayla Anne


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